Inktober 2019 Originals: Orobas


Inktober 2019 Original Work: Orobas

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Sierra Bravo Inktober: Orobas

This original painting is part of the Inktober art challenge of one ink drawing a month for all of October I did in 2019! For 2019 my theme was demons from the Ars Goetia.

Demontober #11: Orobas! My personal favorite demon, this dude appears in a few of my stories alongside Amadeus the Arch-Angel. He has knowledge of all past and future events, as well as divine secrets. He is known for being alone among demons in inability to lie or cheat, and he shows a fierce loyalty to the summoner. As a result, if you summon him, he will not allow other spirits to trick or possess them.

This demon is available and looking for a new home–but be warned! He just might be trouble…


Sierra Bravo Inktober: Orobas
Pentel Brushpen and Phosphorescent Ink


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