Inktober 2019 Originals: Flavros


Inktober 2019 Original Work: Flavros

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Sierra Bravo Inktober: Flavros

This original painting is part of the Inktober art challenge of one ink drawing a day for all of October I did in 2019! For 2019 my theme was demons from the Ars Goetia.

Demontober #15: Flavros! This dude appears as a powerful leopard or a human with flaming eyes, and can teach most things including past and present, divine secrets, the creation of the world, and the history of the fall of angels. Cons: unless you get him in a magic circle of truth, he will just straight up lie to you. Pros: he is also jealous and will drive off any other spirit attempting to trick you.

This demon is available and looking for a new home–but be warned! He just might be trouble…


Sierra Bravo Inktober: Flavros
Pentel Brushpen and Phosphorescent Ink


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