Denizens of the Forest Paintings


Denizens of the Forest are seven paintings of characters from Hans Vogel is Dead to go with the launch of the print version of Volume 1! Featuring art of the Barbed-Wire Stag, the Perchten, Burning Dryads, the Wehrwolf, the Witch, Oma, and Brynhildr, these 4×6″ paintings are perfect for any fairy-tale forest.

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Denizens of the Forest

Hans Vogel is Dead: Hans Vogel–ace pilot, war hero, and card-carrying Party member–loses his life in the Battle of Britain. It’s when he wakes up again in the curious afterlife of Märchenwald, where fairy tales are real and a happy ending hasn’t happened in over thirty years, that he realizes his life has been spent in the service of an evil empire. Accompanied by Reineke, a young girl cursed in the body of a fox, he sets out to unlearn the fascism and cruelty he learned in life, undo its power in the fairy-tale world, and maybe, just maybe, do better this time around.

Hans crash-lands in the forest of Märchenwald after his plane is shot down, and runs into an assortment of its weird and uncanny denizens.  From the vicious Wehrwolf to the ominous Perchten, the burning Dryads and the Barbed Wire Stag, and finally the powerful Witch Herself, the forest is full of dangers at every turn! Bring home a bit of Märchenwald with these original inks!

Each painting is 4″x6″ and done with brushpen and gouache. The characters featured are:

  • The Burning Dryads
  • The Barbed-Wire Stag
  • The Perchten
  • The Wehrwolf
  • Brynhildr
  • Oma
  • The Witch

You can read the comic online here and get the print version of Volume 1 here.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × .2 in

The Witch, The Wehrwolf, The Perchten, The Barbed Wire Stag, Oma, The Burned Dryads, Brynhildr


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