Bestiary Zines


Bestiary Zines are collections of art prints of either eight or sixteen mythical creatures from around the world!


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Bestiary Zines

A zine of art prints of eight or sixteen mythical creatures from around the world! Each of the zines comes from gouache paintings I did over the last two years combined into two different 5”x6.5” booklets. Now, however, you can buy both individual Bestiary zines, or one zine that includes both zines in one! No matter what you choose, every hand-printed zine includes full-color illustrations, and a list of what monsters appear in each zine. Bring home this book of beasties today!

There are three available options:

Bestiary Zine 1:
8 illustrations, including the Chimera, Sphinx, Hippocampus, and more!

Bestiary Zine 2:
8 illustrations, including the Wolpertinger, Uktena, Baku, and more!

The Full Menagerie:
The total set! All 16 illustrations in one book!

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Bestiary I, Bestiary II, Bestiary Menagerie (both zines in one!)


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