Avilys 9


The Avilys series are original 4×4″ watercolor paintings featuring honeybees wearing traditional Lithuanian folk clothing, each showing a piece of Baltic culture!

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Avilys 9

Wayy back 10 years ago in January, I inked 20 4×4″ illustrations of honeybees in traditional Lithuanian clothing, and then painted them in watercolors in March. I called this series “Avilys”, meaning “beehive” in Lithuanian: a meditation on my feelings about being of Lithuanian descent in America. Bees have a special significance in Lithuanian history, and feature prominently in their language and stories. Each bee is unique and depicts an aspect of culture, food, or history!

Avilys 9: The dance! Lithuanian folk dances are elaborate and generally are paired with folk music. Interestingly, most folk dances feature large groups instead of pairs. While there are some Lithuanian dances for pairs, most of these are of foreign (usually Polish) origin. For examples of traditional Lithuanian dance, check out the promo from the Lithuanian Song and Dance festival!

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