Avilys 6


The Avilys series are original 4×4″ watercolor paintings featuring honeybees wearing traditional Lithuanian folk clothing, each showing a piece of Baltic culture!

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Avilys 6

Wayy back 10 years ago in January, I inked 20 4×4″ illustrations of honeybees in traditional Lithuanian clothing, and then painted them in watercolors in March. I called this series “Avilys”, meaning “beehive” in Lithuanian: a meditation on my feelings about being of Lithuanian descent in America. Bees have a special significance in Lithuanian history, and feature prominently in their language and stories. Each bee is unique and depicts an aspect of culture, food, or history!

Avilys 6: A handsome bee wearing some more clothing from the DzŇękija region, this time showing off some of the classic Slavic-influenced red embroidery on those cuffs! Green and red–it’s not just for Christmas anymore.

For more information on Lithuanian folk clothing, please check out these sites!

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